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How to start with potty training? What to do if there is resistance?

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At some point, every parent needs to potty train their child. We aim to make this process fast, fun and easy for you and your child. Our webinar gives you the most essential information about potty training. This webinar is for you if you are just starting potty training or have already gradually started practicing to successfully complete it! In the webinar, we will discuss the ABC of potty training, important topics for the participants and answer questions. For this purpose, you can send us your questions and share your concerns before the webinar. This webinar is concise and informative and will help you with potty training.

Of course webinar will be available to you after the event. You can watch it or rewatch it at a suitable time for you.

Potty training is a social skill that the parent can teach. It can sometimes seem like a complicated, difficult, and time-consuming endeavor. Stories of complicated potty journeys heard casually among acquaintances, or friends can also undermine your self-confidence.

Come on, let’s make it simple and clear!

Potty training coach Annika Joy Meitern (PhD in biology) shares her knowledge. She is a mother of two children and has studied the subject of potty training in depth for 4 years. She invented a self-emptying pee potty, prepared a comprehensive potty training course and helped thousands of European families. Now she wants to share her knowledge with the world.

Our mission

All 2 year old children could use the toilet. It would reduce diaper waste. We believe that our children deserve a clean planet. In US 50 million diapers end up in landfill each day.

Our vision

We care about planet earth and do all we can that our children, the next generation, will have a clean planet to live on.

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Let's make potty training fun and easy!

On 24th January

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