Potty training webinar 2023



How to start potty training? What to do if there is resistance? What tricks can be used to keep a child on the potty?

This webinar is for you if you are just starting to potty train your child. This webinar will also help you successfully finish if your child has already started to practice gradually. The webinar will talk about the ABC of potty training and answer questions. You can to send us your questions and share your concerns before the webinar.  The webinar is concise, useful and to the point.

Potty training is a social skill that needs to be taught by the parent. It can sometimes seem like a complicated, difficult and time-consuming endeavor. Stories of complicated potty training journeys heard from acquaintances or friends can also undermine your self-confidence.

Come on, let’s make it simple and clear! 🙂

Annika Joy Meitern shares her knowledge. She is a mother of two children with a biology background (PhD), who has been studying the subject of potty training for 4 years in depth, invented a self-emptying potty and prepared a comprehensive potty training course.


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